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What Residential Roof Materials are Most Common in the West Palm Beach Area?

The roof on your house does far more than just keeping you and your family dry. It accentuates the beauty of your house and can even protect your house against fires and storms, so picking out the perfect roof material is important. If you are researching roof material options in the West Palm Beach area, there are bunches, but we have curated a list of some of the more popular roof materials. Choosing the right roofing material is important for a number of reasons including, aesthetic, regional aspects, economic, and longevity. The roof material you decide on should be budget-friendly, accentuate the style of your house, be able to hold up to the environmental conditions of your locale, and must last for a reasonable amount of time.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Roof Materials in the West Palm Beach Area?

Without a doubt the roofing installed on your house is one of the most costly improvement repairs you’ll make. Normally, As with most home improvement options, there is a specific correlation with regard to expense and quality, and in the example of roof materials, quality usually equates to longevity. When it comes to a roof, it usually never makes sense to choose a roof material based primarily on price, when spending a bit more money would give you a roof that will last as long as you own the house. So here are a few roof material choices to consider for your West Palm Beach house with the estimated expense of each choice.

Rolled Roof Material

When it comes to low-slope or flat roofs, rolled roofing is the one of the most common roofing material. Out buildings, sheds, shops, and other utility buildings usually have sloped, low pitched, or flat roofs, and rolled roofing is the best option. Rolled roofing is comprised of long rolls of substrate impregnated with asphalt and mineral topped with mineral granules. Each roll is around 3 feet wide and 100 square feet of rolled roof material. Rolled roof material is a smart option for low pitched roofs because the sizable strips of roof material makes installation fast and cost effective. Also, rolled roof material is a good option when aesthetics aren’t of serious concern. When it comes to installation, rolled roof material is applied using roofing nails or the torch down method. Finally, It is very budget friendly compared to other roof materials at approximately $1.50 – $2.50 per sq. ft installed.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Material

One of the most common residential roofing materials is asphalt shingles. Shingles are used on homes all across the country due to their ease of installation and low cost. Architectural shingles are a more upscale choice. Some of the plusses of architectural shingles are they are thicker, last longer, and don’t have slits that can result in debris build up. Architectural shingles also have excellent curb appeal because they have a textured look, plus they are storm resistant with wind ratings up to 130 mph, and they are fire resistant.

The last couple of reasons leading to the popularity of asphalt shingles is their cost, and the variety of colors and styles. An asphalt shingle roof is very budget friendly as compared to other roofing materials with the average cost of installation at around $200 to $400 per square installed. for you to pick a shingle that will enhance your West Palm Beach home.

Finally, warranties on asphalt shingle roofs range from around 15 to 30 years, depending on the quality of the shingle you choose.

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Clay Tile Roofing Material

Clay tile is a frequently used roof material in warmer states, such as New Mexico, California, Arizona, and Florida. Clay tile has been utilized as a roof material for millennia. Clay tile roofing affords a home a look of elegance, sophistication and class.

The four main kinds of residential roof tiles are clay tiles, slate tiles, concrete tiles, and fiber cement tiles.

Tile roofing, like most other roof materials, comes in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, which gives you numerous options from which to choose for your house.

Clay tile roofing is the perfect roofing material option if you’re trying to go for a Mediterranean or European look for your house. Besides being beautiful, clay tile roofing can last for 50 years or more, and it’s extremely impervious to fire, rot, storms, and insects. As for cost, tile roofing is at the high end of the spectrum with an approximate installed cost of $11.00 - $22.00 per sq. ft.

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Top Selection of Roofing Materials in West Palm Beach

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Metal Roof Material

With a high energy efficiency, durability, and a 50 year expected life, metal roofing material is becoming quite popular, and becoming a very desirable roof material. From a design perspective, metal roofing material is now manufactured in a variety of colors, textures, profiles and substrates. A metal roof adds beauty to your house making it likely that will likely reclaim most of your investment when it’s time to sell your home.

A metal roof can also reduce your insurance premium rates because of its fire-resistance. This can be of importance if you reside in states such as California and Texas that are vulnerable to wildfires.

Finally, metal roofing is environmentally friendly and very energy efficient. Since metal roofing is energy efficient, it will be easier for you to recoup the expense of your new metal roof by saving money on your energy bills.

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Slate Tile Roof Material

An overlooked but attractive roof material is slate tile roofing. It has been used for hundreds of years, and offers a beautiful look for a house and superior protection from the severe weather.

Made from stone that is thousands of years old, slate roofing is naturally capable of enduring for decades. A slate roof can actually last 100 years or more. The state of Vermont is the place where the best US slate is found, and it comes in a wide choice of colors.

Normally installed on new homes, a slate roof necessitates a special roofing structure specifically constructed to handle the extra weight of the slate roofing material.

Slate tile roofing comes in a variety of textures and styles and adds a timeless look to any house. Slate roofing is definitely at the high end of roof materials costing up to $22.00 per square foot installed. On a large house, the expense of the slate alone can be in excess of $75,000, so it’s not a budget roofing option!

Cedar Shake Roofing Material

Wood shake roofing provides a charming and sophisticated look, and wonderful aroma, to any house.

Wooden shingles or shakes are made from redwood or cedar, and sometimes southern pine. Cedar shingles and shakes are distinct in respect to how they are made. Cedar shakes are handmade and shingles are machine-sawed. Cedar shingles are smoother since they are machine-sawn, and shakes have a rougher texture because they are handmade.

The organic look of cedar shake roofing is preferred in the Midwest, Northwest, and the west coast.

The one drawback with cedar shingles and shakes is that natural wood roofing material has a much shorter life-span than other roof materials lasting between 8-25 years.

What is the Best Roofing Contractor to Call for Assistance in Choosing Roof Materials for My West Palm Beach Home?

When it comes times for a new roof, the average family chooses asphalt shingles as the roof material for their house. But in hotter regions like Florida, California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, homeowners are often disappointed with the outcome. And many homeowners are instead picking roofing materials, such as slate tile, clay tile, or metal roofing. Families are finding that these roof materials are long lasting, beautiful, durable, and definitely worth the money.

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Roofing FAQs

The life expectancy of an asphalt shingle roof is usually around twenty years, but there are high-end shingles that are warrantied for up to 50 years.

Of course, you should expect to spend more for a premium, longer lasting roof material. The expected life of architectural shingles is approximately thirty years.

Rubber roofing costs approximately $8,000 – $14,000 installed depending on the slope, pitch, and size of the roof. The average expense is in the range of $4.25 to $8.25 per square foot or $425 to $825 per roofing square installed on a normal one story house.

Metal roofs are extremely tough and impervious to hail damage. A metal roof is impervious to hail penetration and will protect your home much better than a standard shingle roof. In fact, there are many metal roof products that are rated at the highest (Class 4) impact resistance as determined by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL).

A favored option for flat roof projects is PVC roofing. Though more expensive than other types of commercial grade roof material, PVC roof has many benefits for the money.

Some of the most durable roof materials include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, clay tile, wood shakes, and slate roofing tiles. Of these 5 roof materials, asphalt shingles are one of the cheapest roof materials, and slate roofing tiles are one of the most costly roof materials.

Roofing materials with the longest life expectancy include slate tile roofing, clay tile roofing, and concrete tile roofing These roof materials outlast other materials such as wooden shakes, shingles, and metal roofing.

Copper roof material lasts considerably longer than typical roof materials such as shingles. Copper roofing can last from 60 to 100 years with little maintenance.

Clay tiles are not only attractive, they are amazingly long-lasting. In fact, a tile roof can last over 100 years, particularly when it’s located in the appropriate. Clay tile roofs are very durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail, high winds, and even fire.

When it comes to extremely hot climates, they are several roof materials that should – metal roofing, slate tile, clay tile, and rubber shingles.

Though asphalt shingle roofs are much less costly than clay tile roofs, tile roofs needs less maintenance and fends off storms and severe weather. In fact, a clay tile roof can last up to 100 years or more.

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